ADVANTAGEtakes advantage of the Windows based “point and click” technology allowing Reservation, Registration and Billing so easily.

ADVANTAGEhas a great visual layout and feel to it with lots of supporting. Help topics are available for every screen with a single press of a button.


Make booking on the Reservation Chart and cleverly uses ADVANTAGE the information about the guest time and time again for repeat stays, letters, invoices, forecasts, restaurant lists, guest history etc. Eliminates duplication of so much work, to free more time to spend as you choose. For example, the daily balance, deposit handling, and banking procedures become very easy.


ADVANTAGEprovides “Provisional” rooms, and special requests. Any newspaper orders, flowers, and “champagne in room” orders are met, and never missed off the bill. Provisional rooms are clearly highlighted – this prevents “no shows” Highlights special dates on the Reservation Chart to remind users to sell at higher rates. Tracks debtors, for chasing up late payments.


Easily movies bookings around the chart to allow for other booking to be placed. Past, present and future reports, together with the takings reports, and “heads on beds” figures, allows for proper analysis of how business is generated. This is extremely helpful when planning budgets & setting tariffs.


ADVANTAGEorchestrates your systems of work into one neat system. By keeping everything together, everyone pulls in the same direction. This increases communication and accountability in your business,


Who Do you ask about a booking taken on 15th June, or an invoice paid on the 17th April? ADVANTAGElogs all deposits and invoices with a date, time and the initials of the user. Sets up your “individual” hotel rooms, policies, Tariffs, menus, Standard letters, account categories etc. Tariffs the popularity of all your stock items, for example, bottle of bin no. 22, lobster, etc. You can set the system so that when you add a bottle of wine to an invoice, it is automatically deducted from stock. Prints a full stock counts, or re-order lists for the supplier.


Wouldn’t it be nice to remember when the guest last visited? Simply the database width a single press of a button, and find “repeat stays” quickly by postcode, surname or company address. You can export the database of all your “past stays” to produce your own filtered mail shots to encourage report business or special events. Keeps as many address books as you wish, including a book for brochure enquiries so that you can find people or companies that are not on your database.


The ADVANTAGEtakes advantage of the Windows based “point and click” technology allowing Reservation, Registration and Billing so easily.


ADVANTAGE is not the kind of system you will want to stop using after a year. While other system have just a few key benefits, ADVANTAGEsoftware is more versatile – giving independent hoteliers a complete hotel Software package for now, and for the future. Versatile and easy to use this software could be the best investment you will ever make for your hotel. Independently marketed through the internet, resellers, and “word of mouth” the ADVANTAGEpackage represents outstanding value for money.